Lending Library

At the “heart” of our school is our library. Here, children and adults alike dive into the joys of literature and knowledge. We explore, find inspiration, gain experiences and use our imagination… Books are a fundamental part of children’s upbringing. We read to and with children, always respecting the act of reading itself.

Starting from humble means, our school library now lists close to 2000 books. The parents were a tremendous help in this effort. Again and again, they’ve generously donated their children’s old books to our school. The library couldn’t have been established without them and we thank them immensely. We’ve organised our library according to the recommended reading for pre-school lending libraries. Our library gives our students the opportunity to borrow books and read them together with their families, at home.

Books are central to our school environment. They’re an aid to the educational process and occupy centre-stage in reading activities, while we take every opportunity to leaf through them in class. Because… We love books and we can’t get enough!