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28 October 1940

Peace is a hug, a kiss from mom and dad, helping grandma cook, playing with your friends... The Little and Big Stars present their guests with poems and songs about peace... We all participate in the festivities of the Municipality of Lixouri to celebrate the...

Oct 28, 2023

Summer Camp Karavaki, 3rd period

A cactus... but which cactus? In the third period of Summer Camp To Karavaki we express ourselves imaginatively! We take paper, pencil, marker and pastels, get inspired by nature and paint! We create the visual representation of a cactus, enjoy the process and...

Jul 21, 2023

Summer Camp Karavaki, 2nd period

Nature lovers in action! In the second period of Summer Camp To Karavaki we play, run, explore in the Botanical Garden of Kefalonia! We enlist all our senses and come into contact with nature! By touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, playing we explore the herbs of...

Jul 12, 2023

Our philosophy

At “Karavaki”, children and adults alike look for the fun in playing, working, chatting, thinking and communicating together. That’s because at our school…


Snapshots from our school life at “Karavaki”, starring our students…

What people say

Your words encourage us to continue our efforts, to evolve… Thank you so much for your trust and partnership!

A look at the classroom

At “Karavaki”, we want the children under our care to feel safe, comfortable and happy, like at home. Children participate in activities and actions according to defined rules, and have many opportunities to cooperate, participate, talk, interact, take the initiative, create, express their emotions, find motivation and develop their imagination…


Attending a nursery is often a child’s first separation from the family environment. Our goal is to make both children and their families feel safe and comfortable and allow children to be eased into their first school experience.


Here, toddlers find their feet and take their first confident steps. Learning is designed to be a pleasant process, through play and experiential activities.

Infant School

Here, toddlers continue developing their knowledge, skills and behaviours. Teaching is based on participatory and experiential activities.


In Kindergarten we focus on topics from the immediate environment and children’s interests.